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What is Breathwork or rebirthing?

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork or rebirthing refers to a healing or self-development practise called conscious connected breathing. Conscious connected breathing means intentionally breathing in and out without the normal pause between each breath. This can result in a physical cleansing and an expansion of consciousness. The practise maybe done alone but is often done as a facilitated healing or therapy session, either one-on-one or in a group setting.

How does conscious connected breathing work?

Breathwork works by oxygenating the cells in the body to a point that they become very activated and energised. When this happens they start to function better since breathing is the primary source of life and energy in the body. When cells start to function better they start to clean out toxins and rubbish that may have accumulated from stress, poor diet, pollution, refined sugar, not enough water, shallow breathing, negative thoughts or simply the pace of 21st century living. When the cells start detoxing we start to “release” the old and make way for better health and vitality.

Why do Breathwork?

Physical health and Ageing

Breathwork is about cellular healing. By using conscious connected breathing patterns, we oxygenate and energises the cells into a higher state of activation. This helps the cells to cleanse and rejuvenate themselves by releasing physical toxins stored deep in the body. Our physical body exists primarily at a cellular level. Our biological age is determined by the state of our cells, as is our level of health and vitality. When cells become toxic or unhealthy, ageing and degeneration occur. Breathwork can reverse the ageing process by rejuvenating and cleansing our body and psyche at a cellular level.

Mental emotional well-being

Another way that Breathwork is healing and cleansing is on the mental and emotional level. It is well established now that the mind and body have a symbiotic relationship; as above so below. Many stuck emotions and negative mental patterns are stored as physical toxins or stagnant energy in the physical body. As we use conscious connected breathing we energise the whole body. This extra energy, combined with the mindfulness of connected breathing, allows stuck energy to start to move, to come to life again. As we breathe with compassion and acceptance for our experience, supported by a facilitator, we may experience old memories or emotions coming to the surface. As we breathe out we can let go of the past; as we breathe in we take in new life and possibilities. As we cleanse our mind and emotions, we can experience the possibility of new choices and ways of being in the world.


Breathwork offers the possibility of radical transformation by taking us to places in ourselves that are hard to access even in deep states of meditation. Breathwork is in essence a deep and dynamic meditation on the breath and body, taking us on a journey to greater freedom and more of who we truly want to be.


Guy Simpson facilitates one-on-one Breathwork sessions in the Byron Bay area  (elsewhere by appointment only)

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