Stress & Trauma Release

Stress & Trauma Release Sessions (Mixed modalities)

Be held in a safe space you get to truly connect and let go of what has been holding you back.

Using breath, touch, relationship, body awareness and guided by Guy’s intuitive acuity, you are gently and firmly supported as you explore what is arising now in your body, in your life. Peel back the layers of inner stress & conflict holding you back, especially in relationship with yourself, others and that which you desire. Allow melting transformation through a loving yet firmly held safe space. Book now for a session.

What is trauma?

Trauma represents unintegrated experience; meaning an experience that was too much for the system at the time. Instead of digesting the experience and taking what it needs and letting the rest go, your body’s natural process was overwhelmed or threatened to the point that the experience was interrupted. The pain of this experience was stored in the body as an unresolved energetic memory. This experience may be hidden (unaware), frozen (numb) or repeating as reptiticious experiences or patterns in life. Either way it has been stored in the body as an incomplete experience, awaiting the day when there is enough safety to unpack and release the “holding” around the experience.

Stress release & Trauma integration

Trauma doesn’t actually need healing. Rather the old or original experience needs integration though a sense of bodily completion. This is the premise behind somatic or body-based psychotherapies; supporting and resourcing the system to process past experiences in a natural way through the body, without too much interruption from the mind. It is allowing a body-based process and intelligence to take over the so-called healing process.

Support and Safety

Instead of an over-reliance on talk therapy (which definitely has its time and place) somatic therapies don’t necessarily need us to understand the process (although insights often come as a result of somatic processes). And we may not need to cathart or release emotion although that can also happen. We DO need to allow the body, which has been stuck with this energy all this time, the time, space, support and safety to be able to complete its natural way of processing the experience. Which is what it would have done if it had felt resourceful enough at the time to deal with the original experience.

How it works

By creating a resourceful and loving environment for the body and nervous system, we release the tension of holding-on and allow the body’s natural pathway to resolution. The session is client-centred and process-oriented meaning that the approach is not formulaic but rather a response based on deep listening to what is actually presenting in the client.

Uncovering the jewels – the benefits of a session

  • See what is truly there – with safety and resourcefulness.
  • Access your own inner wisdom and truth.
  • Free yourself of binding limitations through deep acceptance and transformation.
  • Feel your way…into openings to new realities….as they emerge in real time.
  • Discover effortless effort – grace, ease and personal power.
  • Unpack. Unwind. Let go and allow Good.
  • 2 hours to create more freedom


Multiple modalities means you get exactly what you need

Session may use various modalities – including but not limited to

Bodywork – intuitive or structured therapeutic touch

Breathwork – rebirthing

Somatic Integration Therapy (SiT)

Spontaneous self enquiry

Therapeutic pressure points on body

Energy work – chakra work


Voice Dialogue – Gestalt processes

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