Stress & Trauma Healing

Our trauma healing sessions are facilitated through the body without a specific focus on catharsis or “fixing” the trauma. Emotional release may happen naturally but the focus is on allowing integration or completion of the body’s original interrupted trauma response (often involving allowing natural movement and breathing). In this way we allow the body to resolve past memories in the way it naturally wanted to during the original experience. This empowers the body and resets the nervous system by allowing appropriate discharge or deletion of past memories and stuck energies in the body. This makes possible natural resolution of trauma without needing to invest in excesssive psychology, understanding or story telling (all of which have their place). Whatever the body needs to do to resolve the past, it is supported to do, using breath and mindful compassion towards all feelings and body sensations.

Multiple Modalities – Release Stress, Integrate Trauma

We have a variety of stress release and trauma integration approaches from Breathwork, Somatic Integration Therapy (SiT), Zen Thai and Kahuna Massage and Mindful Counselling and Psychotherapy. For a mixed modality approach, book a 2 hour Stress and Trauma Release session. Click here.

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