Somatic Integration Therapy (SiT) – What is it?

SiT is a wholistic healing art form, focussed on unpacking and exploring your consciousness and your relationship with any issue under attention. SiT is based originally on the work of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) but extends far beyond the original focus of that work.

The difference between EFT and SiT is that EFT is designed around the application of a technique whereas SiT is designed around the application of universal wisdom teachings; it is a broad wholistic process of self realisation and exploration rather than just a stress relief technique. This implies that SiT is very broad in its potential as a healing modality. The process of SiT is like life – it is always growing and changing as your own wisdom and knowledge-input base evolves.

Client benefits can include

  • trauma and stress release
  • greater calm and relaxation
  • releasing stuck emotions
  • releasing negative beliefs
  • releasing long-held tensions in body
  • uncover root causes of issues
  • increased sense of health and wellbeing
  • quieter mind – sense of peace within
  • greater self knowledge clarity
  • connection to your present moment experience
  • clarity around self and life issues
  • greater self empowerment

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