Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage

ZenThai Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing, fully clothed therapuetic massage combining the ancient healing arts of Japanese Zen Shiatsu, Traditional Thai Massage and Osteopathic techniques. Book a session here.

Using meridian points and lines and Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, the practitioner applies a therapeutic and enjoyable series of movements to nourish the body and energy system of the client.

Sensitive application of the Thai massage component can result in both a strong workout (like yoga) while enabling subtle myofascial release in the body fascia, which beyond releasing physical tension also helps calm and nurture the central nervous system. Many client find their body releasing naturally, sometimes letting-go life-long held tensions in the body-mind. The work uses Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and Zen Shiatsu to nourish the body energetically as well as physically, tailoring each treatment to your present moment needs. Book a session, click here.

ZenThai Shiatsu Massage is often described as yoga without lifting a muscle. There is a great joy when we can let go and have a work-out “done” to us, for us, relaxing as we enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of “exercise”.

This enlivening and deeply relaxing and therapeutic practise has been developed over decades of deep practise by the founder Gwyn Williams. I am honoured to share this practise with you.

Session last from 90-120 minutes.

Session Price: $120