Elements Yoga – Private and Group Classes

Immerse yourself with Guy Simpson,  the creator of Elemental Yoga, in an experiential journey of intimacy with the primordial forces of nature. Practise asanas that cultivate the energy you need for yourself in this moment, as you experientially recognise and absorb their elemental nourishment. This is an opportunity to truly learn and know the elemental qualities of Earth – Water – Fire – Air – Ether, as they apply to both your yoga practise and your daily life. Feel the relief that comes with focussing on the elemental energy of asana rather than trying to get it right i.e. let go of  struggle and comparing your asana to others.

Always wholistic in focus, Guy takes you on a guided journey, balancing the yin and the yang of the elements while connecting to both the strength and gentleness within each asana.

Know thyself through Elements Yoga.

Stability – Fluidity – Focus – Lightness –  Spaciousness

Structure – Nourishment – Action – Change – Detachment

These classes, due to their focus on simplicity and inner experience, are accessible to all levels of yoga.

Private Sessions with Guy

Experience a true sense of applied yoga practise through an Elements Yoga One-on-One Private session. In this truly personalised session, Guy will interview you briefly, attuning to your physical, mental, emotional and energetic needs through the Ayruvedic elements. From here he will provide you with a tailor-made guided journey to cultivate and absorb the exact nourishment your being requires. Book a private session here

A Yoga Elements private or group session is beneficial for

  • resourcing and strengthening yourself to face challenges
  • creating balance in your body-mind – balancing your doshas/elemental energies
  • finding more peace within, in this moment
  • creating ease, grace and flow in your yoga practise
  • get more out of your yoga practise; with less “effort” and zero struggle
  • be empowered; learn asanas that get you the results YOU want
  • access more bliss and grace in your practise
  • letting go of struggle and striving in your practise
  • surrender into the simplicity of asana
  • deal with day to day stresses and issues through your yoga practise

Come and try for yourself.

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