Somatic Psychotherapy & Dynamic Life Coaching

Steps to healing

Although life is far more mysterious than any formula, I believe there are several parts to healing. It can very generally be broken down into several steps.

  1. there is sense of a problem & the search for an answer.
  2. awareness or “seeing” the troubling issue
  3. desiring something new
  4. connecting to & breathing into the experience in the body
  5. release or letting go of the past emotion/pain/ thought/sensation
  6. choose a new perspective, vision or intention
  7. breathe, live your life, present in your body

Get to the root of the issue!

Guy specialises in intuiting the root cause of life-long held patterns, habits or issues. Once a deep unconscious pattern is named for what it is, once the root cause is seen, it loses much of it’s power over you. From that time on it is simply about making a choice and supporting you to resource a new reality or behaviour. But until the root cause is seen, you don’t really have a choice. If you don’t know what you are dealing with, if you are stuck on the level of symptoms rather than the causes, then it  can be very difficult to make real life change.

By naming the root cause, Guy can help you to focus on the correct “medicine” and guide you in the right direction towards the outcomes you DO want.

Moving towards what you want

A large piece of the healing puzzle is “what to do” after the release or let go phase of healing. To realise a great life I don’t believe it is enough to release stress, pain or trauma even though that is a really good start. We need to take in the good when we let go of the not-so-good. When you let something big go, you get to make a shift. But if that something has been with you a long time then most likely there will be a neurological holding/coping pattern around that experience. So to make sure we don’t call back the old behaviours we need to put something new back in. Something good. Something we want. This could look like a new thought, a new choice or perspective, a new focus on enjoying what we do have, or simply breathing in your own Presence itself. A big part then of wholistic healing and somatic psychotherapy includes focus on creating and taking in Presence, the good or what you do want.

Guy’s experience

Guy has worked with some of Australia’s top athletes, international CEO’s, high profile business people, small business owners, parents, married couples, addicts and young adults – assisting them to successfully navigate personal change and life crises, heal and resolve trauma, depression and anxiety.

It could be said, “when the client is ready, the therapist appears”. There is a great truth to this saying. Basically when your being is really  ready to make serious change, when you are truly over repeating negative patterns or unfulfilling life habits, then the help you need will appear.

Is this one of those moments?

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