What is Breathwork – Rebirthing?

Breathwork or rebirthing refers to the healing practise of conscious connected breathing. Conscious connected breathing means intentionally breathing in and out without the normal pause between each breath. This often results in a release of physical, mental and emotional toxicity and therefore a cleansing of the body and psyche. The practise maybe done alone but is most effective as a facilitated one-on-one therapy session. To book a session, click here.

Possible Benefits of a Breathwork Session

  • physical cleanse and detoxification
  • release stress and tension, old emotions and stuck energy
  • new perspectives on life – releasing limiting beliefs
  • access greater wisdom via high states of consciousness/neo cortex
  • let go of the past/old ingrained patterns through altered states of consciousness
  • peace of mind and clarity – “free the mind & the rest will follow”
  • reduce anxiety – create calm by activating parasympathetic nervous system
  • increased oxygenation improves moods, digestion, clarity and focus
  • increased oxygenation lowers blood pressure, prevents ageing & improves sleep

How does conscious connected breathing work?

Breathwork works by oxygenating the cells in the body to a point that they become very activated and energised. When they are energised they start to function better and they start to clean out toxic waste and emotion from the body as well as limiting or negative beliefs from the mind. When the cells detoxify we start to “release” the old and make way for the new – new thoughts – new feelings – a new reality. In this higher state of mind we may experience going on an inner journey (both during and after the session) where we begin to see life and ourselves with greater clarity.

Radical Transformation

Breathwork offers the possibility of radical transformation by taking us to places in ourselves that are hard to access even in deep states of meditation. Breathwork is in essence a deep and dynamic meditation in the breath and body, taking us on a journey to greater freedom and more of who we truly want to be. Book a 2.5 hours session, click here.

How does Breathwork help release emotion?

It is well established now in contemporary thinking that the mind and body have a symbiotic relationship; as above so below. Many stuck emotions and negative mental patterns are stored as physical toxins or stagnant energy in the physical body. As we use conscious connected breathing we energise the whole body. This extra energy, combined with the mindfulness of connected breathing, allows stuck energy to start to move, to come to life again. As we breathe with compassion and acceptance for our experience, supported by a compassionate facilitator, we may experience old memories or emotions coming to the surface. As we breathe out we can let go of the past; as we breathe in we take in new life and possibilities. As we cleanse our mind and emotions, we can experience the possibility of new choices and ways of being in the world.

Book a session

Guy Simpson facilitates one-on-one Breathwork sessions in the Byron Bay area  (elsewhere by appointment only). Sessions involve a gentle yet disciplined approach to breathing in order to get maximum results with the greatest ease and grace possible.

Sessions last 2.5 hours. To book a session click here or select from below:

Breathwork & Consciousness

Use of the breath is pivotal to all somatic or body-based therapies and to life itself. The breath is the bridge between the physical world of ordinary conscious awareness and access to the resources and gifts of the unseen energetic dimensions within ourselves. Therefore conscious breath is both a gateway to expanded consciousness and greater life choices and a gateway to healing past hurts, stresses and traumas held in the body. Book a 2.5 hour session.