Guy Simpson Testimonials


Guys work is profound . He is able to direct the body through intuitive pressure and release into a state of spacious awareness which allows insight and deep relaxation. I feel like I have done a yoga practice after his treatments except that I haven’t moved one muscle. His treatments are generous in time and he makes room to listen compassionately to the clients stressful beliefs that often move hand in hand with the bodies expression of tension. My course of treatments have helped me to release some deep unwanted holding patterns in my body-mind. I can highly recommend Guys work as a hands on  approach to self healing.

Susi Sweeney
Susi SweeneyYoga Teacher, Painter, Masseuse

I never do Facebook recommendations but in this case I feel compelled to. This was honestly the best massage/healing I’ve experienced (and I’ve had many!)

I had a two hour Zen Thai session, which through Guys intuition and healing powers morphed into the most amazing healing/emotional clearing using breathwork. I left feeling lighter and clearer both physically and emotionally !! Bravo Guy! Book with this man

Kim Sporton
Kim SportonJournalist-Filmaker 7 Network

Not only is his massage a deeply therapeutic experience, Guy also has a tangible nurturance to his touch which delivers a genuinely healing experience not only for the body, but also for the soul.

IgorCounsellor - Holistic Life Counselling

I had a Zenthai Shiatsu session with Guy Simpson the other day and I was really amazed at the expertise he has developed in this modality. All the intricate stretches and incredibly efficient postures followed in a very certain and reassuring flow and I felt completely at ease and taken care of from the first minute until the last. Guy has a beautiful and deep presence about him that altogether contributed to an awesome session. I felt so much better in every way afterwards, my body was humming!

Nitya Lang Larimar
Nitya Lang LarimarFounder and Creative Director - Sensual Authenticity

Guy is the first male therapist I have experienced in many years. His ability to hold a very safe and nurturing space allowed me to sink deeply and completely into the massage and myself…Guy has a depth of knowledge and a powerful connection to the physical and emotional body that transforms the experience beyond just bodywork, into a truly wholistic and beautiful healing experience. Two hours is just not long enough.

SimoneMarketing Manager - Mind It

If you haven’t taken up on Guy’s special offer in May for massage- I would think you are crazy!  I personally am absolutely blown away with his level of skill, intuitively honing in the right spots- all while holding a very safe space and warm atmosphere to relax and let go.  I live with chronic pain after an accident and this has been a great help.  It is rare to find a masseuse who possesses these skills and natural gift 🙂

CarolPsychic Reader

When I came for my Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage I was wound up and tight in distinct places. Literally within moments of the massage beginning I felt myself regress to a young child where I felt so safe and held by Guy’s gentle, nurturing energy that was lovingly stretching and moving me exactly how my body needed. I felt my body soak up something that my young self never received and then shedding a few quiet tears in release and recognition. Just divine. Guy’s intuition infused so harmoniously into the movements of the massage is a precious gift. I’m super fussy with how I want to be massaged and held and he is one of the rare few people who is totally spot on. My body is now deeply relaxed and stress free. Thank You.

Izabella Siodmak
Izabella SiodmakSomatic Psychotherapist & Retreat FacilitatorNatural Attitudes Embody Retreat

I had the pleasure of a 2hour Zen Thai Massage with Guy recently. It was SO good! I felt very safe and comfortable with Guy Simpson and the amount of body contact,. He creates a lovely safe space for one to relax in. Not your traditional type of massage. Lots of stretching, body contact, activating meridians with pressure, and moving. Particularly great for women wishing to receive from the masculine. I loved it! Big appreciation to you Guy! PS. I am looking forward to another session in the near future and totally recommend him.

JustinaCreator & Womens Empowerment and Sexuality Coach - Feminine Vitality

I just had a Somatic Integration Therapy session with Guy Simpson (plus a 2 hour massage!) and my state shifted quite radically from one day to the next. Not sure what happened but it was really cool Guy. Thank you xxxx

MarniFreelance Line Producer

I feel all lose and relaxed like I’ve done yoga and had a massage! Thanks!

MelissaSchool Teacher

Stress & Trauma Release Session – Moving toward uncomfortable emotion by feeling the texture, colour, movement, and sensations in and around my body without judgement.. Allowing the feelings of gratitude to move through and around while observing the sensations.  Continually allowing the feelings and emotions to come up and simply being with them.

Thank you for your presence and supportive guidance on this journey… you are an amazing healer.

DeliaMasters of Education

Receiving sessions from Guy is helping rewire my nervous system with the experience of safety and trust. His deep listening presence facilitates a natural unfolding and opening of my process, which is very safely and compassionately held. Guy is fluid, present and receptive, while offering clear and skilful guidance. This allows for full release of what is asking to be let go, in a multi dimensional and heart-centred approach. I experience Guy’s guidance and holding as a transmission of safety, and deep acceptance, which is helping fragmented aspects of my psyche find integration, empowerment and wholeness.

PamelaSomatic Therapist, Group Facilitator