About Guy Simpson

Guy has been involved with healing and self development for his whole adult life. As a past sufferer of PTSD, Guy knows first hand the pain, pitfalls and minefields of emotional and mental dis-ease and the road to recovery of health and wellness. Guy’s work is guided by both this experiential understanding of trauma and healing, a radical trust in body-based wisdom and his professional training.

Somatic body-based therapies

Guy draws upon a rich cross-section of influences including ZenThai Shiatsu massage, breathwork, somatic psychotherapy, Kahuna massage, yoga, qi gong, voice dialogue, gestalt, family constellations,  SiT, EFT, mens work, shamanism, ritual, self enquiry, reiki, theta healing, prayer and energy work.

Guy is the founder of Somatic Integration Therapy (SiT), a body-based stress and trauma integration platform which is capable of significantly alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, depression, stuck emotions, negativity, PTSD, body symptoms, health imbalances, confusion, fear and panic.

Navigating crisis and life changes

After decades of self-work and study Guy’s work really catalysed in 2009 when he came to Natural Attitudes Empower Health Retreat (a boutique retreat centre specialising in mental-emotional wellbeing, QLD, Australia) where he worked full time for 3 years. He assisted people from all walks of life to navigate major crisis and life transitions. From famous sports coaches and celebrities, to transnational CEO’s, small business owners, working mothers, couples and marriages in trouble; Guy helped these people navigate their lowest moments, to find steps forward, solutions, and most of all, hope and self empowerment in the face of their greatest inner fears.

Guy’s work is both process-oriented and client centred, holding both a deep, safe emotional space to unfold into, while offering strong, clear guidance only as necessary to nurture the client’s process.

Current Focus

In additions to developing SiT, he is also developing Elements Yoga classes while studying Zen Thai Shiatsu, a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) based system of massage and treatment.

Guy has recently had great success with clients suffering post traumatic stress symptoms arising from sexual abuse. He holds a truly safe masculine space with skill and sensitivity that allows healing and release of deep psychic wounds to the body and self-identity where restoration of lost innocence, peace, integration and wholeness can take place.

He is available for one-on-one sessions within Byron Bay area, elsewhere by appointment; Australia and online world wide. Group trainings, classes and facilitation are also avaliable. Please contact him for more information.

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